“The Faculty of Agriculture was established in Milan in 1871 and now it’s the largest of its kind in Italy, with a teaching staff of 200, including professors and researchers working in five Departments and four Institutes. In addition, more than 200 PhD students and post-doctoral scholars complement some 3,000 students enrolled in nine undergraduate and nine Master’s degree programmes. The Faculty’s degree programmes focus on Modern Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Management, Food Production Systems and Biotechnology. Located near the center of Milan, today the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences provides an attractive and stimulating setting in which to both study and work.”
From the educational system reform of 2012, the elementary units of Italian Universities (before Faculties) are the Departments, that are responsible, among other things, also of the teaching programmes. However, the classification of Faculties still persist, mainly to coordinate the allocation of the teaching spaces among Departments and also to solve other logistic issues.
EFE professors belong to the Department of Environmental Science and Policy.
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Faculty Secretariat
Via Celoria 2 – 20123 Milan
Mon – Fri 10-12 am
Tel. 02 50316511/2/3 – Fax 02 50316514
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