The Study Plan includes 3 ECTS to be collected attending a Stage or Internship activity:

These activities are usually connected to the Thesis, in which the student describes the work carried out and the results obtained.

Depending on the type of thesis, internal or external, the student will carry out the internship within the University Department or the external firm/office.

Internal thesis/internship

The internal internship is carried out within the University Department, where the thesis supervisor is located.
It is largely related to the support of research activities; examples of these activities are: data collection, data analysis, data cleaning, survey and interview, survey of the literature.


  • Select a Tutor;
  • Carry out the assigned research project;
  • At the end of the internship, request a 3 ECTS “Internship certificate” that has to be provided by the Tutor or the EFE Secretariat;
  • The signed 3 ECTS “Internship certificate” has to be hand delivered to the Faculty Secretariat

As soon as the internship is approved (it might take up to 5 working days), the 3 ECTS will be displayed in the online career.

External thesis/internship

Students can either select one of the available internship positions (option A) on the COSP website, or find an external internship by themselves (option B):

A. Select one of the available internships


  • a. Register on the Almalaurea website
  • b. Check for open positions on the COSP website;
  • c. Read the job description and press on the Apply button at the bottom of the page;
  • d. Follow the steps c-h ofFind an internship independently

If the Student needs to extend the internship or interrupt it (also temporarily) before its due date, the company tutor has to fill out a request online through the Almalaurea website.
Any request has to be submitted at least a week before the conclusion of the internship.

B. Find an internship independently

In this case, both the student and the guest company have to follow the procedure on the COSP website to register the trainee position.


  • a. Register on the Almalaurea website
  • b. Find a company that can accept a trainee, and find a company tutor;
  • c. Find a University Tutor;
  • d. The company tutor has to register (or login) on the Almalaurea website and fill out the application form and the Training project (Progetto formativo). The training project has to be signed and stamped;
  • e. The University Tutor has to approve the project online with the “Sistema di attivazione tirocini” and provide a Letter of approval, signed and stamped;
  • f. The Student has then to go to the COSP office and bring:
    • 3 copies of the Training project (signed and stamped)
    • 1 copy of the Letter of approval (signed and stamped)

    Everything has to be hand in at least a week before the beginning of the internship.

  • g. At the end of the internship, the Student will receive an email asking to fill out the “Student satisfaction survey”. The Company tutor will receive a survey invitation as well;
  • h. When both questionnaires are filled out, the Student has to contact the University tutor. The tutor has to close the internship procedure online.

As soon as the internship is registered/closed (it might take up to 5 working days), the 3 ECTS will be displayed in the online career.

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