Crash Courses are introductory lessons in Mathematics, Statistics and Microeconomics, that will revise some basic concepts needed to successfully complete the EFE master degree.

The program includes:

  • 40 hours of Microeconomics
  • 40 hours of Mathematics
  • 30 hours of Statistics

The Crash Courses are generally held for two weeks from the last days of August.

The exact date of beginning of the courses and the timetable will be published in the News section before the end of May and June, respectively.
Note that this introductory courses will be held in Milano city center, therefore be sure to check the timetable to know where classes are at.

In order to attend the courses, students need to Register Online.

At the end of the courses, there will be an examination. The exams are graded, but the results are not considered during the EFE selection procedure, while they might help students assess how much study is needed in order to catch up on the basics.

Download the syllabus.

Crash Courses are not mandatory but highly recommended.