To attend the Master programme in Environmental and Food Economics it is necessary to possess an adequate knowledge of mathematics, economics and statistics at the undergraduate level.

Italian bachelor degree

The Master programme can be attended by Students with an Italian three-year bachelor degree (ex. DM 270/04 or equivalent ex. DM 509/99) from one of the following classes:

  • Geografia (L-6);
  • Ingegneria civile e ambientale (L-7);
  • Ingegneria dell’informazione (L-8);
  • Ingegneria industriale (L-9);
  • Scienze biologiche (L-13);
  • Scienze del turismo (L-15);
  • Scienze dell’amministrazione e dell’organizzazione (L-16);
  • Scienze dell’economia e della gestione aziendale (L-18);
  • Scienze della pianificazione territoriale, urbanistica paesaggistica e ambientale (L-21);
  • Scienze e tecnologie agrarie e forestali (L-25);
  • Scienze e tecnologie alimentari (L-26);
  • Scienze e tecnologie chimiche (L-27);
  • Scienze e tecnologie fisiche (L-30);
  • Scienze e tecnologie informatiche (L-31);
  • Scienze e tecnologie per l’ambiente e la natura (L-32);
  • Scienze economiche (L-33);
  • Scienze geologiche (L-34);
  • Scienze matematiche (L-35);
  • Scienze politiche e delle relazioni internazionali (L-36);
  • Scienze sociali per la cooperazione, lo sviluppo e la pace (L-37);
  • Sociologia (L-40);
  • Statistica (L-41);
  • Storia (L-42);
  • Tecnologie per la conservazione e il restauro dei beni culturali (L-43).

Students having obtained an undergraduate degree in classes other than those listed above and students with foreign degrees are admitted to the programme subject to a favorable decision by the Didactic Committee or by an ad hoc committee named by it.

Mathematics, Quantitative Methods and Economics background

Applicants must have earned at least 90 ECTS credits within a set of admissible scientific disciplinary sectors:

  • at least 6 ECTS credits in the area of Mathematics and Statistics (MAT/01 – MAT/09 – SECS-S/06);
  • at least 6 ECTS credits in the area of Economics and Agricultural Economics (AGR/01, SECS-P/01 – SECS-P/06, ING-IND/35);
  • at least 6 ECTS credits in the area of Management (AGR/01, SECS-P/07-SECS-P/11, ING-IND/35);

Students who do not comply with the above prerequisites can fulfill them by attending the Crash Courses.

Foreign bachelor degree

Students with foreign qualification are expected to meet the requirements equivalent to the minimum ones required to students with an Italian degree. The existence pre-requisites will be verified by a special Committee appointed by the Didactic Committee.

English language proficiency

Applicants should have good knowledge of spoken and written English.
Non-native English speakers must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of English either by showing they have at least one year of university studies at institutions where the language of instruction is English, or by possessing one of the following:

  • Cambridge CAE Certificate in Advanced English: grade A or B;
  • Cambridge CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English: grade A, or B, or C;
  • Cambridge IELTS: overall score of at least 6,0;
  • TOEFL paper-based, computer-based or internet-based: overall score of at least 550, 215 or 87, respectively

If the student does not possess an english proficiency certificate, his/her English skills will be assessed during the Interview.